About Us


VIP Beauty Concept is a company that constructs and distributes her own and exclusive electronic and computerized beauty equipment of the most modern type for the setting up of Beauty Centers. Founded in Lebanon 8 years ago, the company has maintained its leading role in advanced technology for the applied scientific treatment of the most common skin diseases.

VIP Beauty Concept is an organization driven by a mission of excellence in the terms of aesthetic medicine and beauty care services in the Middle East region.

We are the exclusive distributors of highly specialized equipments for aesthetic and aesthetic medicine; we have supplied health and beauty centers all over the Arab world where our continuously developing methodologies are applied to help to resolve the most commonly recurring beauty problems.

VIP Beauty Concept focused the occupation to offer treatments that give immediate, visible and long-lasting results.


Improve the quality of life by providing high value solutions for the most common frequent beauty problems.


The company has built a reputation as a great company, set apart from competitors through its professionalism, knowledge and experience. VIP Beauty Concept has a strong position and brand equity, and is strong enough to have an undisputable leadership position.

VIP Beauty Concept’s vision is to maintain a position of leadership in delivering a “unique care in all its dimensions”, and a point of reference for the operators of the aesthetic medicine in the Middle East.


Excellence, we do our best at all times, and look for ways to do it even better. Quality, providing high quality services.

Professionalism, our proficiency and expertise are demonstrated in everything we do. Integrity, we are committed to always conducting business in an upfront, honest manner, doing the right thing and being fair and ethical at all times.