The complete system that helps to solve the most common beauty problems, thanks to its different treatments it allows to personalize endlessly each body and face treatments to satisfy your client’s demands:

Transion function

  • Supporting treatment for localized rapid slimming

  • Muscle firming

  • Body reshaping

Isogei function

  • Supporting treatment for each muscle bundles rapid firming

  • Non invasive face lifting

  • Enhancing of skin tone

Linfogei function

  • Aesthetic lymphatic and venous drainage

  • Prevention of edemas, cellulite, swellings and localized cosmetic problems due to bad circulation

Microgei function

  • Helping the regenerating and firming action of the surface epithelial tissues

  • Prevention of premature ageing and wrinkles

Carezza – Caress function (optional)
This new function works with particular conducting gloves to make a very comfortable massage on body and face.