Aesthetic equipment emitting ultrasounds, mechanical ultrasonic waves that the human ear cannot hear, able to produce variation in tissues or structures with beauty problems such as cellulite and fat.

Ultrasounds are generated by a handle or by fixed plates working in contact with the skin and they work in a proportional way according to the distance between the ultrasonic shock waves source and the area to treat. Their effect is very active close to the source (handle or fixed plates) and decreases going farer away from it.

The CAVITATION’S phenomenon is the creation of empty areas (bubbles) in presence of energy, theses bubbles are very unstable and they immediately implode when the energy is reduced. These implosions create a shock waves first (mechanical effect described above) and followed by energy release (thermal effect) that allow to obtain a reduction or a disintegration of the weak structures near the handle, located in the skin and in the subcutaneous (hypodermis) tissue area. In order to obtain the cavitation effect in the nearest area to the fat cells, it is necessary to work with a frequency not very invasive and modulated for this goal.

VIP LIPO LINE is the best support in order to obtain the best personalized quick and long lasting results:

  • Visible fat excess and cellulite reduction

  • Oxygenation and circulation improvement of the treated tissues

  • Figure reshaping with progressive circumferences reduction and skin texture improvement

  • Important softening effect of hard and with nodules fat layers and progressive cellulite and orange peel effect reduction

  • Better fibroblast, elastin and collagen production, indispensible elements to recover tissues

To increase the cavitation effect and to break up a bigger fat cells number without increasing risks, the equipment uses a 1 MHz frequency.