Photobiostimulation or photomodulation is the most innovative system for anti-age beauty treatment that gives great and long-lasting progressive results.

This system uses a low intensity cold light emitted by particular LED, reproducing specific wavelengths.

Scientific studies proved that low intensity light radiations can stimulate, decrease and inhibit cells activity, activating a biochemical reactions group, thanks light photons emitted by LED, to some special cells receptors.

Characteristics and indications:

  • Absolutely painless, sue and not invasive treatment that uses cold light LED (athermic)

  • Quick, without side effects

  • It is indicated on all skin phototype (included the sun-tanned ones), for man and woman in all the seasons

  • Particularly suitable before and after ablative aesthetic surgical operation, aesthetic medicine, lifting or mini-lifting, micro derma-abrasion, filler, Botox and more

  • Indicated to contrast skin ageing and to stimulate tissues repair

  • It slows down wrinkles formation and depth and reduces the superficial ones

  • It increase skin tone

  • It favors the epithelialisation of the superficial wounds

  • It reduces ageing spots (dark pigmentation) and pigmented lesions (face and hands)

  • It calm redness due to sun or UV ray over exposure