Shock MED

New generation technology

Shockwaves are acoustic waves that deliver high energy. They pass through the skin surface and spread in a radial way through the body in the painful area. Shock Med delivers radial (ballistic) shockwaves. The shockwave is generated in a special gun-shaped applicator: a steel bullet is shot against a metallic lid inside the barrel of the applicator by means of compressed air (pressure up to 5 bar). This process generates a shockwave that spreads in a radial way through the skin and the first tissue layer under it or in a focused way (depending on the transmitter used). The body responds by increasing metabolic activity in the area being treated and this helps to reduce the inflammation caused by the pain-killing action of released local endorphin. This system stimulates and accelerates the healing process. The penetration depth varies from 4 to 7 cm.



Shockwave therapy is the best treatment for chronic insertional tendinopathies, characterised by poor vascularisation of the osteotendinous junction, when the physiotherapeutic treatment (infiltrations and laser therapy) has proved ineffective. These are the main pathologies treated with shockwaves:

• Elbow – epicondylitis, epitrocleitis.

• Shoulder - insertional tendinopathies, impingement.

• Knee – patellar and “goose’s foot” tendinopathies.

• Pubis – adductor tendinopathies (pubalgy).

• Ankle – achilles tendinopathy, calcaneal apophysis.


Main application fields:

- Orthopedics

- Physical rehabilitation

- Sport medicine

- Aesthetic medicine


The Smart Shockwave Therapy

- Wide display: 8” colour touch-screen.

- Procedure function: A practical and handy application manual of the shockwave therapy, based on four fundamental steps:

• Localise the painful area by touch;

• Select the therapy parameters (manually or using preset programs);

• Apply gel;

• Start the shockwave therapy.

- Therapeutic suggestions divided per body part.

- Patient file for storing all patient’s data, treatments and short case history. 

- One-Touch mode: by pressing just once the activation button the procedure will start and continue until the end of the therapy, or until the operator will press again the button to pause the execution of the treatment. 

- Soft Rebound System: rebounding to the therapist’s arms was reduced by 95% thanks to the new applicator developed by EME, which has an internal spring system to dampen the rebound effect. 

- USB Key to store many personalised treatments and patient files.