Diathermy with sensational effects

HR TeK is an innovative therapeutic device for endothermal energetic transmission with capacitive/resistive modes. It stimulates from the inside the biological structures (tendons, muscles, joints) and natural reparative and anti-inflammatory processes of the human body.

By the interaction between electro-magnetic energy and tissue, diathermy causes the temperature inside the tissues to increase in a controlled uniform way.



HR TeK is composed of a generator that conveys alternate current and an application circuit, consisting in two electrodes. The electrodes are applied to the patient’s body, which becomes a part of the electric circuit.

There are different types of electrodes:

- Resistive type electrodes: the treatment is delivered through a resistive (non isolated) electrode that moves the charges and concentrates them in the deeper areas with a greater resistance (bone matrix and deep muscles).

- Capacitive type electrodes: the capacitive contact transfer is executed through an electrode, shielded with a ceramized isolating material, that moves the charges (ions) in the subcutaneous tissues. The electrodes come in different sizes for different body areas.


HR TeK stimulates the increase of haematic flux in a direct way, thanks to the increase of temperature, and, indirectly, thanks to the request for oxygen by tissues treated; the increase of blood induces an increase in immune defences and stimulates tissue regeneration.


The main application fields are the following:

• Dermatologic pathologies.

• Traumatology.

• Sport medicine.

• Aesthetic medicine.

• Skeletal muscle pain.

• Inflammatory pathologies of joints and tendons.

• Periarticular pathologies (bursitis, calcifications, etc..). 

Resistive: it is effective with all tissues with a higher resistance and a low water content. The biological effect is obtained in the tissues with a higher resistance interposed between the mobile electrode and the return plate, that is bones, joins, tendons, ligaments and cartilages.


HR TeK, when used in resistive mode, gives excellent results in:

• generic traumatology.

• sport traumatology.

• arthritis.

• arthrosis.

• tendinitis.

• capsulitis and bursitis.

• calcaneal spur syndrome.


HR TeK, let the warmth heal you

- Wide display: 8” colour touch-screen.

- Output power up to 300W.

- Exclusive applicator for resistive and capacitive treatments with integrated power regulating button (available only for the model HR TeK).

- Patient file for storing all patient’s data, treatments and short case history.

- Help button. Each therapeutic suggestion shows indications on its use.

- Therapeutic suggestions divided per body part. according to anatomical areas, specialist branches.

- USB Key to store many personalised treatments and patient files.

- Meter of the real treatment time by the new contact detection system.

- Impedance meter displaying real time values.