Crystal YAG

Crystal Yag emits with a wavelength of 1064nm, which falls in the laser “therapeutic window” infra-red lasers that spans from 400 to 1600nm. The light beam delivered by Crystal Yag can be regulated up to a maximum power of 25W, which has a high value of tissue penetration. Its effects provide photo-chemical bio-stimulations on the cellular membrane and inside the mitochondrions, acting in depth in the tissues and inducing significant effects of metabolic, analgesic, antioedema, antiphlogistic stimulation.

With Crystal Yag you can treat safely all muscle-skeletal inflammatory conditions, both superficial and in depth, inducing already in the first session a decrease in pain and mobility recovery.


Effeccts on Tissue

Significant mitochondrial stimulation with the following increase:

• Production of ATP (photochemical effect: it accelerates the transformation process of AD into ATP, the electrolyte replacement between intra and extra cellular environments).

• Activation of micro-circulation (photo-thermal effect: it activates the replacement modifying the intracapillary hydrostatic pressure).

• Activation of lymphatic peristalsis (photo-mechanical effect: the deep lymphatic system is stimulated causing a rapid absorption of the inflammatory agents with effective results also in the fluid accumulations).


Therapeutic Indications

 The protocols developed with Crystal Yag allow therapy induce a rapid resolution of the most common pathologies in the following fields: orthopaedics, physiatry,dermatology, rheumatology and sport medicine.

The list of the main pathologies that can be treated includes:

• arthrosis and degenerative processes of cartilage.

• bursitis, synovitis, capsulitis, epicondylitis, shoulder impingement syndrome.

• tendinitis and tenosynovitis.

• oedema and trauma haematomas.

• post-traumatic or overload pathologies.

• abductor syndromes, sprains, enthesitis, patellar chondropathy and sport traumatology.

More specifically, it is possible to treat:

Acute pathologies:

• Tendinopathy (tendinitis, peritendinitis, tenosynovitis, insertional and calcific tendinitis, tendinosis, partial lesions).

• Distortion traumas and post-traumatic oedemas.

• Muscle lesions.

• Synovitis and bursitis.

• Back pain and lumbago.

• Fibromyalgic syndrome.

• Osteochondritis dissecans and osteochondral lesions.

Degeneraive Pathologies:

• Osteoarthrosis.

• Degenerative chondropathies.


Winning features:

- Wide display: 8” colour touch-screen and updatable software.

- Multispot probe with integrated separator.

- Therapeutic suggestions divided per body part.

- Patient file for storing all patient’s data, treatments and short case history.

- USB Key to store many personalised treatments and patient files.

- Help button. Each therapeutic suggestion shows indications on its use.


Guaranteed results

• Reduction of pain, in some cases with the first treatment.

• Deep action on tissues.

• High biostimulating effect.

• A winning combination that makes patients fully satisfied with the treatment.