Biopower Lux

The application fields where you can get great benefits by delivering Bipower Lux laser therapy are the following:

Sport traumatology:

• Muscle strains and extensions.

• Articular distorsions.

• Epicondylitis.

• Tendinitis and enthesitis.

• Contusions, hematomas and bruises.

• Bursitis.

General medicine and dermatology:

• Decubitus ulcers, cheloids, torpid sores treated thanks to its well known biostimulating and anti-infective effects.

Arthro-rheumatic pathologies:

• Arthrosis.

• Sciatica.

• Scapular-humeral perarthritis.

• Arthropathies of hands and feet.

• Epicondylitis.

• Hip arthrosis in the early stage.

• Gonalgia with or without effusion.

• Myogenic stiff neck.

• Lumbago – Myositis, etc.


Rehabilitative therapy:

• Articular motor rehabilitation after removing plaster casts or after orthopaedic surgical operations.


High energetic impact with dual wavelength

Bipower Lux combines 2 wavelengths, 810+980 nm, to be used in combined therapy, and gets the best of their main therapeutic actions:

810 nm wavelength has a high depth of penetration in the tissues and gives an excellent biostimulating effect.

980 nm wavelength has a high level of absorption in the fluids and provides a high analgesic effect.

Bipower Lux is recommended for superficial pathologies in general medicine and dermatology and for orthopaedic and sport medicine pathologies (contusions, bursitis, tendinitis, etc.). It has a high biostimulating effect because it covers the whole therapeutic window of high power therapeutic lasers (HPLS -->high power laser system) with a very high output power (up to 12W).


The Evolution of Light

The new range of high power lasers uses optical fibre to convey high laser powers (6W - 12W) directly to the skin without dispersions. Bipower Lux treats effectively inflammatory and degenerative pathologies of the orthopaedic neurologic, dermatologic fields and reduces the recovery time. Bipower Lux has become an essential treatment especially for the sport medicine, as it allows a fast recovery time and the healing of many sportsmen, for whom time is a key factor in their career.