Presso MED

PRESSOMED EVO is a press-massage device for peristaltic massage and venous-lymphatic drainage. The massage is done through a kit point with independent sectors, overlapped like a “herring bone”, by means of which the pressing push gradually overlap itself without leaving interspaces during the inflating thus eliminating the danger of a back flow and improving the circulation.



• Circulatory insufficiency.

• Lymphatic stasis.

• Hydro-lipodystrophy (cellulite).

• Lymphedema.

• Reactive cutaneous fibrosis.

• Hard edema.

• Post operative troubles.

• Hypotonia.



• Improvement of the venous-lymphatic

• Increase blood

• Removes toxins of subcutaneous tissue

• Treats the swelling of legs and ankles

• Restore a good circulation

• Reduces water retention



  • Express-mode deflation: it allows a quick and silent deflation of sectors.
  • Warm up for all protocols: this new function introduced in software of device the treatment can be quicked, thanks to a general pre-inflation on all sectors at aprox. 30 mhg (+/-).
  • Pre-set programs: programs depending on the accessories to be used. 

               - Trolley mounted equipment

               - Color 8” touch screen display 

               - 2 outputs

               - 12 independent sectors

               - Membrane compressor 150 mhg

  • Possibility to perform TOTAL BODY treatments
  • Low noise membrane compressor
  • Real-time reading of inflation of each sector