Polyter EVO

The New Concept of Transportable Modular Physical Therapy

Today EME Physio offers to the users a versatile device that can be built according to their needs; above all the equipment is “alive” because it is possible to expand Polyter Evo with new modules at any time.


The concept of Polyter Evo's expandable modularity

Allows the operator to purchase the full device, equipped with the four modules, or to order the device with only one or two modules, then purchase new modules to improve the physiotherapy device and make them operational thanks to a simple update of the software.


The main fields of application are:

• Orthopedics.

• Physical rehabilitation.

• Sports Medicine.


The MULTITHERAPY mode for successful treatments

Apart from the therapeutic suggestion, divided according to anatomical area and technology, it is possible to use the MULTITHERAPY mode, that is the treatment of a pathology using not a single technology, but a complete therapeutic treatment, which allows the user to treat the same pathology with two or more technologies included in the Polyter Evo.

A new concept of combined treatment studied and tested by our scientific consultants.


MODULES available to add bse configuration

Polyter EVO is a transportable medical device, assembled on an elegant O Design trolley, which can host up to 4 modules the user can choose according to his own needs:

- MU0001 - Ultrasound Module:

  • One channel.
  •  1/3 Mhz multifrequency head with integrated contact sensor.
  • Continuous or pulsed emission mode.
  • Automatic head recognition.

- MM0004- Magnetotherapy Module: 

  • One channel.
  • Power up to 100 Gauss.
  • Frequency up to 100 Hz. 
  • Continuous or pulsed emission mode.

- ME0002- Electrotherapy Module: 

  • 25 waveforms (low and medium frequency).
  • 2 independent outputs.
  • Synchronous function of the 2 channels.
  • Operation: Constant Voltage, Constant Current.

- ME0002/1 - Electrotherapy PRO Module: 

  • 28 waveforms : low and medium frequency Micro currents / APS / HPVC / NMES.
  • 2 independent outputs. 
  • Synchronous function of the 2 channels.
  • Operation: Constant Voltage, Constant Current.

- ML0003 - Laser Therapy Module LLLT (905 nm):

  • One channel. 
  • Frequency from 200 Hz to 10 KHz.
  • Continuous or pulsed emission mode.
  • Automatic calculation of the fluence (Joules).
  • Generator capable of controlling. single-diode or multi-diode probes. 
  • Automatic recognition of the probe.

- MT0005 - Tecar Therapy Module:

  • Capacitive / Resistive mode.
  • Power up to 200W.
  • Continuous and pulsed emission mode.


Technical features

- TPU container with a compartment for accessories

- 7" touch screen color display

- Default protocols for each technology

- Operating programs customizable on user memory

- Software update

- Rechargeable battery that lasts for 4-5 hours with a complete charge